The Underdogs are a non-ranked, team oriented clan who play both Myth: The Fallen Lords, and Myth II: Soulblighter. We value friendship and good times above all and view large team games as the pinnacle of fun oriented Myth playing. However, the strict regiments required to quickly master a team map seem more like work than play to us. We try to work together as a team but also encourage individual experimentation. In fact, our games are so laid back that our captains will rarely bother to give a single order or even have a plan! To many, this may seem like a weakness, but our experience as a team and our ability to improvise clearly compensate. Combine this with our single team objective: fun, and you will get a night of very entertaining carnage! Join in on our games, we would love to have you playing with us!

We also play a good deal of FFA games. Fair play is very important to us, but above all things, having fun while playing games comes first. We are not anti-socialist either, in our games we feel the more players there are the merrier. We enjoy fun and teamwork so much that we have done projects for Myth TFL. From making the GfA CDs, Running the RotFL Tournies, to creating the Magma Project. All on our free time, just to make Myth more fun to ourselves and others. All we can say is hop into our games and have a fun time, thats the best way to get to know about us and who we are. We play every night in small groups or large hords.

At this point you may think we're crazy and you're about to high tail it outta here, but if you're still interested in finding out more about us, visit the links below.

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