The Underdogs take great pride in being an open clan; the more of us, the merrier. We realize joining a clan is something one volunteers to do. Brand new members will find that we are the ones who feel we should act obliged and not the other way around.

This is not to say we aren't very selective about who we let in. Our strength lies in our unity, and we take great care to be sure our members have the maturity to put the clan's good before their own ego's. The Underdogs are not an order for people who always insist on getting their own way. We only want people who know what it means to be a part of a team and feel they have something to contribute.

If you're interested, the procedure for gaining membership is very simple. A majority of members must have met you and liked you. There is no elitist BS (read: BC Trow clan) like needing a certain rank, having to beat one of us in combat, or kissing a leader's ass. If you're a nice person, like team games, and try your best to play well, we want you. As we grow larger, it may take a while for a majority to get to know you, so please have patience. Also know, that any one member has the power to veto all positive votes if they don't like you, so try not to piss anyone off.

To get started, just let one of us know your intentions or better yet, post a message on our message board. If you are looking for more information, please read the Non-Members FAQ. Thanks for your interest and good luck.