Many of us spend enough time on to have to admit it's a real part of our social lives. Initially, we all came to for the bloody glory of battles on the World's greatest tactical war game. However, friendships were soon forged that were based on common ideals of how to make the most out of our time killing each other.

We're a very laid back, fun-loving group who care little for bogus rankings or status. We're not uptight about having to win all the time and we view sore losers with quiet disdain. If a bloated and fragile ego is your most notable trait, we may tolerate you, but you'll never earn an iota of respect from us. Don't get us wrong though, we are as fanatical about winning and improving our skills as any clan out there. It's just that we see behavior such as temper tantrums, obnoxious arrogance and disregard for a fellow players feelings, worse than pathetic.

If you feel you have to drop because you're losing, do it quickly so we can be rid of you. If you feel like you have to act like a big shot boss and rudely order your team mates around, we will ignore you. If you make excuses for every loss and bad move you make, we will pity your lack of self esteem. If you carry on like a four year old with way too much sugar in their diet, we will warn you and eventually boot you. But if you enjoy a well played exciting game regardless of who wins, we will always welcome you.

Enough rambling, our philosophies are easily summed up: Play hard and enjoy yourself and remeber: it's only a game. Kidding around is an essential part of a good time but don't go overboard. And as Father Merrin would have me paraphrase: "Kill unto others as you would have them kill unto you."