We're not going to mention any names (because you know who you are and we forgot), but we'd like to dedicate this page to all the flea-brained lamers on bnet. Particularly, the rank whores who ruined the fun spirit of competition in the ranked rooms. Including: foul mouthed punks, racists, droppers, dummy cheaters, jump starters, ffa double teamers, whiners, constant excuse makers, bullies who only know how to play 1 or 2 maps, sore losers, hotheads who get angry over the little stuff, impersonators, and impatient twerps who think they own the room you and 8 of your clan mates are hosting. We just want to say...May all you little pussies die of rabies!

Though we don't always remember your names, sometimes you lamers say things that truly deserve immortality. Below are some funny real quotes.

"How is it cheating when even bungie ALLOWS you 2 host drops a day?"

"I could win every game too if I carpet bombed, but I don't cause I'm not a cheater"

"If you don't want people to camp to the last minute, don't make your games 16 minutes long"