The Underdogs' Frequently Aggravating Questions


"Game", refers to any online Game such as, but not exclusively, "Myth: The Fallen Lords", and "MythII: Soulblighter" produced by a software manufacturer.

"Order" refers to a loose-knit group of online gaming folks who elect to distinguish themselves from others by forming a credo and/or adding descriptive symbols to their screen names that identify the group.

After several requests, here's a shortcut to finding out about those guys who put "µDog" at the end of their names in some online games. Why do they do this? Why bother?

What, as it were, is it all about?

So here's how we tend to do things. If you have any other questions that you'd like to ask, you'll have to do 2 things: get off yer butt to ask, and then ask. You'd be surprised how many people get stopped at the first point. Actually, no you wouldn't :)

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Who/ What are/is the/an Underdog(s)?

The Underdogs are a non-ranked, team oriented Order who play online computer games. We value friendship and good times above all and view large team games as the pinnacle of fun oriented online gaming. We promote a fun and fair competitive environment for all players, but never at the expense of the basic joy of play.

How Many µDogs are there?

You can hit our "Members" page and find out. Warning: this will require an ability to COUNT NAMES. Though this page lists all our members (including little bio's about themselves), not all of these Members are active.

Can I be in µDog?

Joining takes two steps - being eliglible, then being voted in.

Any player of online Games is eligible to join, provided that they do not have a current allegiance with a different Order in any one particular Game. To clarify:

  1. A Gamer who is not in any Order is eligible to join the Underdogs in any Game;

  2. A Gamer who is leaving an Order of one Game is eligible join the Underdogs in that Game;

  3. A Gamer in an Order with one Game cannot join the Underdogs Order in that Game.

So... how do I get in?

How much money you got? Give us your shoes, they look nice... OR, you play with us for a while, and if we think you can bring something positive or new to the Order, we vote on you. We try to keep the entry to our games pretty open. We get to know you, you get to know us. We don't really care if you're a bumbling novice or a tactical genius, a dagger or a celest. We look for maturity in treating Games as Games. That's about as specific as one can get, really... all Members have their own criteria for what makes a good Member.

I've been waiting forever! How long does it take to join???

After you apply, we all vote. If you don't have a majority to see you into the clan in 6 weeks from the time of application, your bid is unsuccessful.

So IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES. Don't apply as soon as you've played one measly game with the Dogs! It may take a while to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. It may take 6 weeks for you to meet everyone, then your time runs out and you strike out. Our games are normally open to any who would like to play them, so play with us. We won't object to you continually playing in our games (unless some tourney is on or some rare special occasion crops up or you are a complete and utter foul-mouth bozo). When you feel you know everyone (KNOW, not just play one game with), then apply.

Why should I want to be with the Underdogs?

We have absolutely no idea. You can enjoy the Game just fine without having to touch an Order. There are two advantages to being with an order, any order: you are able to practise team games on larger maps, and you are able to network with ordermates on projects, like map-making, strategy discussions, shooting the breeze or collaborating on personal goals. We like to do all this, but we can only do this if there is a common ground of mutual respect between players, and the ability to exercise freedom of choice without encroaching on another person's freedom. If you want to join because you think we're "famous" or "funny" or you have a pathological need to feel "included" or socially acceptable, you're kinda missing the point.

What happens if I get in?

You gotta flog your skin and lips off, then swim 100m in a pool of lemon juice and salt in under 60s while playing a trumpet. But if you've been voted in, you've probably demonstrated a decent personality, play well and you tend to be proactive. Just continue being that. In addition, you'll get access to private discussion boards, join in on any projects that we develop for ourselves and others and plain ol' shoot the breeze with some of the most proficient and knowledgeable players in online Gaming.

Who's the Leader of the Underdogs?

We don't have one. Various responsibilities have been given to certain Members and they may change with time. ChrisP is acknowledged as the Founder of the Underdogs, so it would be nice if Members lent him an ear once in a while. I suspect that if we had a leader, it would be Asterix the Gaul... Or Ren. Or quite possibly Zeta Fairlight.

But... if there's no leader, how do you decide stuff?

We use a cutting edge form of decision making called 'talking about it'. If a topic involves the composition of the Members, or how we run stuff, we vote.

I'm a close friend of a µDog - I'll go put my tag on now, huh?

<SARCASM>Sure. I'm a close friend of a few doctors and lawyers - I'll go add some letters after my name too.</SARCASM> There are no automatic entry provisions for family members, friends, allies or software manufacturer employees and associates, although being with the Underdogs Order in one Game automatically gives you Membership rights with the Underdogs in another Game, so long as all requirements of eligibility are met in the 'Can I be in µDog?' question.

How do you vote?

Slowly. Basically, one Member, one vote. If you're a Real World friend of a Member, that Member has TWO votes. A majority of voting Dogs gets you in.

How do the Dogs judge who gets in and who doesn't?

Each Member has their own way. It's up to the individual. Some don't judge at all and vote automatically yes or no for reasons that might have nothing to do with you.

I never see you guys online, when do you play?

With the gradual decline of myth, and the arrival of Myth 3:TWA, we have found it useful to pick a couple days of the week to get together. Thursday and Saturday are reserved for Myth: TFL, and Wednesday and Friday are reserved for Myth 3: TWA. Dogs tend to be nocturnal creatures, so the best time to find lots of them on seems to be late at night

I've been playing with you guys for ages - when the hell am I getting in?

Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks, sometimes over a month. Sorry. But getting the tag isn't that important. So long as you get the idea of playing for fun, why fret?

Can someone tell me how I'm doing in the voting?

Not really. That would be a breach of confidentiality. Don't bother waiting. Just play and make friends with the Dogs anyway.

Someone said my 'application was unsuccessful'... what the hell does that mean???

It means that your application for membership was unsuccessful. Possibly you haven't played with us enough, or you mouth-off in games, or you play at a time when not very many dogs have experienced your gameplay.

How do I get that "µ" symbol?

For Macs, option-m. For PC's, ctrl-m. In HTML, it's best to use the entity code, "&micro;". Although this is a greek letter spelled "mu" (pronounced somewhere between "mew" and "moo") we use it as a funky way of typing a conventional "u".

How do I know if someone is REALLY an Underdog member?

Sometimes people slap on our µDog tag at the end of their names as a way of teasing the order. They normally stop doing this after their voice starts breaking and hair starts growing in odd places. Or they think they're being clever. The Underdogs circulate a private list of contact details about themselves, including logins. If you believe you've been mistreated in some specific way by an Order member, please post a note to our public board.

Why do you guys hide a "µ" in your game room titles?

Two reasons - For ourselves, so we know if one of our friends is hosting a game, and for others, so that people know that there is a game being hosted by a person who will do his/her best to encourage considerate and entertaining games. Some non-Dogs occasionally put a "µ" in their game titles - most of these games are fun too, but with us there's kind of a 'warrantee against abuse', heh. Of course, if you start making trouble in our game rooms, you'll get booted.

What's a GfA? What's this about a CD?

GfA stands for "Grounds for Assault", the name of a CD-ROM created by the Underdogs archiving about 180 Myth:TFL maps, Mythellaneous fanware and personal contributions made by members. It was launched on August 14, 1999, marking the Atlantic Charter joint declaration between Churchill and Roosevelt in 1941, as well as the tragic events of the Brownsville Incident in Brownsville, Texas 1906 and acknowledging the 64th year since the original legislation of the US Social Security Act. It took about 3 months to make (the CD, not the Social Security Act) and was mailed to members in the US, Canada and New Zealand, as well as a few friends of the Dogs, and winners of the RoTFL tournament.

Over time, GfA slowly grew out of date as more maps and tools became available to the public, eventually the idea of a revised CD came into being, and GfA2 was born. The new compilation included many more maps, films and other goodies and Dank Rider completely reworked the CD art for a new look and feel. Another one of the goals set for GfA2 was to reach a larger audience, and as such, many were shipped to winners of the RoTFL2 tournament, as well as Dogs, and thier allies. If you're interested in getting your hands on your own copy of GfA2, get in touch with Dank Rider.

The "Grounds for Assault Archive" is an online archive section of our site that looks to give more people access to the maps we all love to play. Check out for more details.

Can I make copies of GfA for my friends?

Yes! By all means, make as many copies as you want, the main goal of GfA was to distribute 3rd party maps to as many people as possible. But there are a few things to keep in mind first. If you are going to make a copy, we ask that the file structure remains intact, people put a lot of working into making it what it is, and we ask that you respect that work. Secondly, the GfA CD is a hybrid CD meaning, it contains files for both Mac PC users, as a result, the CD can only be reliably reproduced on a Mac, any attempt to reproduce the CD on a PC will result in the Mac files being stripped of their headers and being rendered useless. Because of this, we ask that you do not reproduce GfA with a PC.

What is Project Magma?

Project Magma began as a map making group that worked primarily on porting maps, and units from Myth 2, to Myth TFL. Before long Project Magma expanded it's horizons and now work to better the community in any way they see fit. With projects ranging from, maps, to tournaments, to services like BattleWatch. Although Project Magma has yet to start any projects for Myth 2, many of our members are eagerly awaiting a chance to try their hand at Myth III map making.

Get more info at

Bnet1 is down, how do you guys play TFL?

While Bnet1 is down we like to play TFL on Marius.Net. This bnet emulator allows you to connect to a central server just as bnet did, all you need to do is download an install a few files, and register yourself an account. In the unlikely event that both bnet and mnet are down, TCP/IP games can be organised using BattleWatch.

What is µDog Hotline?

µDog Hotline is a Hotline server where you can always find at least a few dogs hanging around, as well as maps, films, tools, and much much more for the entire myth series. To connect, fire up your Hotline client, and connect to the server (you can leave the login and password blank). Or if you have a Hotline client installed, simply click here.

Where can i find this 'Hotline Client'?

Hotline is a peer to peer file transfer system, meaning you will download a client (like a web browser, or ftp client) and connect to somebody elses server (like a webserver or an ftp server). In addition to file transfers, Hotline also supports file transfer resuming, news, user lists, and chat. You can download Hotline at

FAQ collated by SnowWight, August 1999. (Celebrating 500 years since the building of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.)