Here lies the legend of the Underdogs

The Pet Cemetary is our little way of paying homage to those who helped shape this clan into what it is today. They have all left for various reasons, but I can truly say they each have a place in our games, and our history. If you see them online, please grant them the same respect you would grant us, we would grant you, and take the time to read their epitaphs.
- White Rhino
Ahhh,...Lil' Goblin,... one of the founding members though his tenure was a short one. Still a mystery why he left,..and I haven't seen him since :(, but I will always look back fondly at the fun times we had in the glory days of TFL. He was one of the first to join the uDogs from the founding members former clan,.. PoOp. Father Merrin was also a founding member, his decision to leave was hard to take a first, he is a mature and responsible player who's nightly participation helped formed the uDog's reputation as we know it. He is truly missed (even thoough we remain in contact) and will always be a friend of the uDog's. Go visit his new Myth 2 order website, the Society of the Journeymen. If you look real close, will see another familiar name ;)
Roshambo was another former PoOp who needed a few months of convincing to come on over! He came, he saw, he kick some ass, and he left :( Roshambo has retired from Myth to pursue real life activities. He still pops in from time to time so if ya see him, say hello! He was one of my first bnet friends, and his positive impact on my gaming experience cannot be quantified. He is truly a good friend, and formidable opponent. ::wipes tear from eye:: Though briefly deceased, Losk was ressurected as a shade and continues to haunt the Underdogs still. One of the most skilled and intelligent players to ever grace our members page, Losk is now part of our sister clan, The Society of the Journeymen. His continued participation in our projects and games is beyond question, a vital part of the Underdog clan.
Ned was the third/fourth member of the Underdogs, a close personal friend of ChrisP, and an easy kill on the battlefield (*wink* j/k hehe). Ned always brought with him a wonderful attitude, even when he was on his 3 day binges :) He, as Roshambo, has many real life commitments that keep him away from TFL. I would like to wish him the best of luck on whatever road he travels. Hanged Man was also an ex-PoOp who came on over in March of 1999. He was a fun player and could always be counted on to beg for the Forest Giant (even on Trow!). With the release of Myth 2, Hanged Man joined the now pseudo-famous Hexographica map making guild. I know he works hard constructing maps, I can only wonder if he plays them anymore :(
Ahhh our most recent defector, departure, Snow Wight has brought a lifetime of experience, humor, and intelligence to bnet. Always there to crack a good joke, or to stir the pot,..things were never dull with Snow Wight in the clan. His contributions to the Underdogs can be seen all over the website as well as many unseen activities. One of the key motivators for Grounds for Assault, Snow Wight has definitely left his scent, er mark, on bnet. His aspirations to form a new TFL clan have yet to be realized, but I for one am excited to see where he pops up next. He can still be found on bnet under the same name, and will always have a spot in our games. Gollum was one of the first to demonstrate all the great things the Underdogs stand for and have accomplished. It was his nightly games - which would last hours on end - that set the uDog standard for good sportsmanship and hosting. He was also the first to initiate and see through a large scale uDog project - The Grounds for Assault CD, which is still treasured amongst all the uDogs from that era. Though he's moved on from Myth, the legacy of his attitude and generosity will always remain part of the Underdog heritage.
White Rhino, one of the founders of the Underdogs, contributed in almost every aspect of the clan. He was our first web site designer and admin, an excellent host and player, a hilarious and prolific forum poster and is even the one who thought of the idea for Project Magma. Sadly for us Mythers, WR has now moved onto many other games such as Quake 3, Tribes 2 and Never Winter Nights.