Name: Dragan Zivkovic, Dan to my friends [Inactive]
E-mail: aliases: Zorro
Times most likely to be found on Late PST, *very* late EST.
Geographical Location: Palo Alto, SF Bay Area, California
Games Played Infrequently: TFL
When not playing Myth: Visiting friends around the world. Literally.
Computer: 233 MHz G3
Connection: 28 kb (don't laugh... it's not funny)
Favorite map: Desert, Garden, Keep, and other good team maps
Favorite games: Terries and CTF
Favorite Units: ChrisP's new Supercharged Thrall
Least favorite maps: Maps with too much elevation. Unplayable :P
Least favorite games: BC, KotH
Least favorite units: Myrk Giants
Greatest joy on Lots of cool geeks
Greatest pet peeves on Not having the map all the uDogs are playing
Best thing about Myth: Team strategies and formation tactics
Favorite Actor: Danny DeVito
Favorite Movie Line: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
Quote: "Oh, man, I lost my Myth CD *again* !!!"

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