Name: Curt [Inactive]
ICQ#: 25256980 aliases: y2k, Incognito...and possibly even your screen name
Times most likely to be found on Usually late (11pm- 3am EST)
Geographical Location: Hilton Head, South Carolina
Games Played Infrequently: TFL
When not playing Myth: Working...used to be playing Myth at work...not any more :(
Computer: Umax Supermac J700 233 with 216 mb ram w/Voodoo3 16mb
Connection: Global Village 33.6
Favorite map: Anything I can ummm...none :)
Favorite games: Monopoly, Risk, hopscotch....<8^P
Favorite Units: I dunno....I pretty much like them all I guess...depends on the map/game type
Least favorite maps: I will play any map...I prefer maps without the snowblindness factor
Least favorite games: Probably LMOTH....I'm not any good at camping...I find it boring and my timing sucks :) (Usually killing someone else nowhere near flag when time runs out)
Least favorite units: See "Favorite Units"
Greatest joy on Being recognized...doesn't happen often but feels good when it does :)
Greatest pet peeves on Players who fight in chat rooms
Quote: "I'm guessing that was your partner in the wood chipper....And all for a little bit of money."

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