Name: x [Inactive]
ICQ#: screwicq -aim xtdonovan aliases: xT login: xtrooper (TFL Stats) (M2 Stats) login: xtrooper
Times most likely to be found on wtf knows
Geographical Location: Bethlehem, PA
Games Played: MuuuHAhhAHhhAAAAA,.... dirty ones in the middle of the night with my wife and,...uh,oh,..sorry too much info. :)
Games Played Infrequently: see above
When not playing Myth: with myself, im workin
Date of Birth: 9-17-68
Computer: Apple IIe
Connection: rs232 to 2400bps
Favorite map: all of them
Favorite games: been so long can't remember
Favorite Units: healthy ones
Least favorite maps: Rugby-- " what were they thinking "
Least favorite games: BC
Least favorite units: Alric & Thrall ,..alric I always blow up my own units,..thrall, just to damn slow.
Greatest joy on I have to agree with Sun-- stickler
Greatest pet peeves on getting stuck with 5 regular dwarfs --- something bad is going to happen.
Quote: " Git Over ear Befo i break My foot Off on Yo Ass! " --- grandma

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