Name: Eddy [Inactive]
E-mail: aliases: UndeadEd, wickEd, Maniacal login: meleeman
Times most likely to be found on All the time! :)
Geographical Location: Fremont, California (SF Bay Area)
Games Played: Myth TFL
When not playing Myth: Moving Dirt
Computer: Compaq 1000mhz
Connection: Cable baby!
Favorite map: I'll dance on your grave.
Favorite games: Lmoth
Favorite Units: Melee in general
Least favorite maps: RIP, Ground Zero
Least favorite games: Flag Rally and Scavenger Hunt
Least favorite units: Dorfs (they are sooo dumb)
Greatest joy on The friends i've made, and a wickEd wighting hehe
Greatest pet peeves on People who take anonymity too far :(
Quote: "We'll rot together!!"

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