Name: Paige [Active]
ICQ#: 27793218 aliases: Sunflower bitch, fightin' weiner dog, stag beetle
Times most likely to be found on Late at night
Geographical Location: San Diego, CA
Games Played: Myth TFL
When not playing Myth: Drawing, photography, stop motion animation movies, Hooliganing. Being a PIRATE!
Computer: NEC with a lot of Sony upgrades
Connection: 33.6K modem
Favorite map: ANYTHING light
Favorite games: ghols are pretty cool lil' guys
Least favorite games: checkers, spin the bottle, pin the tail on the donkey
Least favorite units: Fetch
Favorite food: Saltine crackers with cheese wiz upgrades
Greatest joy on Stickler
Greatest pet peeves on [see above]
Quote: I Like saccular thoracic organs and i cannot lie, You other girls can't deny. When a man walks in with a pretty pretty face and a Bulge above his waist We Get SPRUNG! When we notice his LUNGS...I'm hip for the shirt he's wearing. I'm hot for what its carrying! My homegirls try to warn me, but that respirtory system you got makes me so horny!

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