Name: Brian [Inactive]
ICQ#: NA aliases: pacopicasso, paco, Pacosaµr login: laletaboni (TFL Stats)
Times most likely to be found on Late weekday nights
Geographical Location: Greeley, Colorado
Games Played: Myth
Games Played Infrequently: The Sims, Tropico, Halo
When not playing Myth: tennis, reading, with friends
Date of Birth: 3/11/85
Computer: 1 Ghz 17 inch iMac
Connection: T1 through school
Favorite map: Keep
Favorite games: CTF
Favorite Units: Archer
Least favorite maps: Wabe
Least favorite games: LMOTH
Least favorite units: Spiders
Greatest joy on Friends
Greatest pet peeves on Losing... all the time
Quote: "I should be studying"

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