Name: Scott [Inactive]
ICQ#: 46123886 aliases: One-Eyed Cat, Mr. Smith, Jacques de Molay
Times most likely to be found on Weeknights 10:00-12:00ish Weekends, any ol' time I feel like it!!
Geographical Location: Wisconsin
Games Played: Myth TFL
When not playing Myth: Raising wild-caught South American fish, working, reading histories of Medieval Europe
Computer: 200Mhz Pentium II MMX
Connection: 56K
Favorite map: Stirling by far! Also Carnage, all the U2's, and most all of the 3rd party maps
Favorite games: Last Man On the Hill, Bacon, Captures, some 3rd party BC's (Kill El Bastard)
Favorite Units: Archers, Archer Heros, Souls, Flame Souls, Zerks and Ghols
Least favorite maps: Trow and Desert
Least favorite games: KOTH, I have enough trouble getting to the flag, nevermind trying to hold it!
Least favorite units: Warriors and Thrall
Greatest joy on No-Pressure-Just-Have-Fun type games
Greatest pet peeves on People who seem to think that life will end if they lose.
Quote: Well, that didn't work', 'What!? I won??' (I don't say that very often) and of course: .)

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