Name: James [Active]
ICQ#: 46122724 aliases: WazzaMouse; WarriorMouse; Fog login: wazza (TFL Stats)
Times most likely to be found on late nights during the week.
Geographical Location: Ft Worth, TX
Games Played: Q3UT [Urban Terror]; Jedi Knight II OutCast; MYTH: TFL; Tribes 2
Games Played Infrequently: Unreal Tourney
When not playing Myth: Working, Scripting RPGs
Date of Birth: 09/20/1981
Computer: 1.2Ghz Athlon ][ 528mb DDR RAM ][ 19" Flatscreen ][ GeForce 2 Ti ][ Wireless KB & Mouse
Connection: Cable
Favorite map: Dorf Riot ][ Team Maps
Favorite games: LMOTH ][ CTF ][ TDM...err wait ;)
Favorite Units: Spiders, CB Units
Least favorite maps: Cant Remember
Least favorite games: Rugby [heh, to much chaos for me!]
Least favorite units: Alric
Greatest joy on People still show up. :)
Greatest pet peeves on Some people STILL show up.
Quote: ~(,_'>*
He's active again?: Ya, message me for a game

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