Name: Matt [Active]
ICQ#: 10443943 aliases: Losk login: losk (M2 Stats)
Times most likely to be found on Evening
Geographical Location: Vancouver, BC
Games Played: Myth TFL er, well Myth II 1.4, but vTFL
Games Played Infrequently: Quake 3, Ghost Recon, Uplink
When not playing Myth: School
Date of Birth: Nov. '79
Computer: Dual 1GHz G4 (The one with DDR)
Connection: adsl
Favorite map: Grave, Creep, Desert
Favorite games: Lmoth, Flag Rally, Terries, Ctf
Favorite Units: Fetch
Least favorite maps: Trow
Least favorite games: BC
Least favorite units: Myrms..
Greatest joy on Killing you.
Greatest pet peeves on Being killed by you.
Quote: "WTF FM"

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