Name: John [Inactive]
ICQ#: 28227636 aliases: Frost
Times most likely to be found on Usually after 10:30 pm EST
Geographical Location: Bridgewater, NJ
When not playing Myth: Spending time w/my wife and 14 month old daughter. Big hockey fanatic. On the Golf Course. Attending College for my BS in Computer Science
Computer: IBM Aptiva M55 k6-2 300mhz
Connection: 56k modem
Favorite map: All of 'em, haven't played enough yet to have a favorite
Favorite games: same as Fav. Maps
Least favorite maps: None, see Fav. Maps
Least favorite units: Wights, cause I always seem to blow up my own units instead of the enemies
Greatest joy on Meeting all sorts of cool people that I normally would never have an opportnity to meet
Greatest pet peeves on Ranked idiots who think they are so high and mighty because they just beat you at a silly little computer game (realistically speaking, I would never call Myth2 a "silly little computer game" otherwise)
Quote: Frost: "In the middle again, damn!"
ChrisP: "Don't worry Frost, you'll learn to love the middle eventually"
Frost: "Yea right, and I'll learn to love root canals as well"
White Rhino: "Newbie RUSH the middle!!!!" =P

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