Name: Marcel[Active]
PMnet/Mnet Aliases: Death's Avatar
PMnet/Mnet Login: deathsavatar
Times most likely to be found on Myth: evenings
Geographical Location: Evanston, IL
When not playing Myth: School
Date of Birth: 1/10/1988
Computer: 1.67Ghz 17 inch Powerbook, 1 gig of ram
Connection: 1337 University internet
Favorite map: Slug App Hot Springs, Creep
Favorite games: LMOTH
Favorite Units: Fir'Bolg!
Least favorite maps: Desert?
Least favorite games: BC, Terries
Least favorite units: Warlocks.
Greatest Joy on Myth : Blowing you up
Greatest pet peeves on Myth: Whiners.
Favorite Quote from a Movie: "We can't Let the Mine Shaft Gap grow!"

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