Name: Dank [Inactive]
ICQ#: 56354428 aliases: Dank Rider
Times most likely to be found on night time
Geographical Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Games Played: Myth TFL
When not playing Myth: Sleeping, Working, Life things..
Date of Birth: 8-30-73
Computer: Athlon 1Gig, 768ram, GForce GTS - 2 Powermacs, and a G3
Connection: DSL and Cable
Favorite map: Badlands, Keep, Carnage, Deadmans
Favorite games: The one's I win
Favorite Units: Dorf's/Fetch, Zerks, Trow
Least favorite maps: The lame ones
Least favorite games: Captures
Least favorite units: Ghols that throw none exploding puss sacks
Greatest joy on Killing White Rhino and Omen
Greatest pet peeves on People that drop
Quote: "Have I really lost my dreams or am I truely drifting upon them"
Favorite Quote from a Movie: "Braaains they smell so gooood, Let me eat your brains"

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