Name: Chris [Active]
ICQ#: 73367160 aliases: ChrisP login: chrisp (TFL Stats) (M2 Stats)
Times most likely to be found on Nights
Geographical Location: Upstate New York
Games Played: TFL
Games Played Infrequently: Dungeon Siege, Myth 3
When not playing Myth: Spending time with my family, working on Magma projects, working, sleeping.
Date of Birth: December 1966
Computer: 1.8 Ghz P4
Connection: Dial-up :(
Favorite map: All the Magma maps and App Hot Springs.
Favorite games: Slugfest on the Carnage mesh.
Favorite Units: After you've played Balor, everything else seems imbalanced.
Least favorite maps: U2 Dorf Riot.
Least favorite games: BC
Least favorite units: All good except for those pumpkins on Torp.
Greatest joy on Seeing people enjoy Magma maps and well played big team games.
Greatest pet peeves on Self-righteous a**holes.
Quote: "Goliath also won many battles. Ever hear about any of those?"
Quote2: "They've got us surrounded! The poor bastards." - 101st Airborne, Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

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