Name: Dave [Inactive] aliases: BraveSirRobin, BSR login: bsr (TFL Stats)
Times most likely to be found on Sun-Thurs after 11 PM EST
Geographical Location: Wisconsin, USA
When not playing Myth: Sailing; trying to keep ahead of the students I teach; playing softball, tennis, soccer, and just about any sport (none well); restoring classic Macintosh computers (the old all-in-one boxes that introduced radical concepts like the mouse and the desktop to the average consumer. Yeah, I know you secretly covet their 128K of RAM!); occasionally brewing beer, more often drinking it; and mostly, just spending time with my wife.
Date of Birth: Born in '69
Computer: iMac G4/800
Connection: DSL (I finally gave in...)
Favorite map: Creep; u2: No Shelter; u2: Beggar's Canyon (if I have a pair of sunglasses nearby); u2: Garden.
Favorite games: Come to think of it, the games and maps don't make a big difference to me; my teammates most determine whether or not a game is fun.
Favorite Units: dwarves (though mine are often asking for pardon from their teammates' corpses :-)
Least favorite maps: u2: Creep [Tilt] if I'm the captain. Waaay too many units for this small brain.
Least favorite games: LMOTH games that go too long.
Least favorite units: Never met a unit that I didn't like.
Greatest joy on Myth TFL. Take a step back and compare it to everything before it. What a game! And though it has corrupted few assholes with the power of anonymity, it has introduced me to some nice folks.
Greatest pet peeves on Walking into a room and shouting "gogogogogogogo!" before saying "hi."
Quote: "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." Mohandas K. Gandhi

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